Duraslot ® Surface Drains

Manufactured by DURASLOT, Inc. (formerly Hall Construction 

Products & Services) since 1987, DURASLOT® Surface Drains 

have been providing reliable storm water collection in applications 

ranging from residential driveways to multi-lane super highways.


The product is made from double-wall corrugated polyethylene pipe 

with an aluminum slot mounted on top. It is designed to intercept sheet 

flows across paved or cleared areas, or as it collects in low spots. 

It is a cost-effective substitute for corrugated steel slotted drains, 

precast trench drains, or cast-in-place trench drains with steel or 

cast iron grates.


DURASLOT® drains use N-12® pipe, manufactured by Advanced 
Drainage Systems. An outer corrugated wall provides strength and 
durability, while the smooth interior lining gives exceptional hydraulics. 
ADS and Hancor are the exclusive sales agents for 
DURASLOT® Surface Drains.