Duraslot ® Surface Drains

DURASLOT® Product Data


DURASLOT® Surface Drains are designed to pick up storm water as it flows across paved or cleared areas, or as it collects in low spots. 


It can be substituted for corrugated steel slotted drain, precast trench drains, or cast-in-place trench drains with steel or cast iron grates.


Savings for both materials and installation can be realized through the use of DURASLOT® surface drains.


DURASLOT® surface drains are made from double wall 

(corrugated outside, smooth inside) polyethylene drainage pipe with an aluminum slot mounted on top.


Strong and light, they are easy to handle and install and are extremely corrosion-resistant.

Physical Details:

Pipe Diameter: 

            4" up to 36"


Slot Height: 

            2 1/2" for residential and pedestrian applications 

            6" for H-20 loading (heavy traffic) 


            Variable height slot to provide slope in the

            pipe invert when grade is level (available as

            a special order). 

See our Design Handbook for more details regarding Variable Height Slot.


Slot Opening: 

            1 1/4" wide in 4" diameter

            1 3/4" wide in 6" diameter and up


Grate Options: 

            1/2 - #13 galvanized steel (stock standard) 

            Open top without grate (available standard) 

            Other types of grating available on special




DURASLOT® costs less than other systems which can support vehicular traffic. Not only is the product inexpensive, but it costs less to install - lightweight ten foot lengths can be handled without machinery and set in place quickly and easily.


Designers and owners will be pleased with the aluminum and plastic construction that is corrosion-resistant, long-lasting and easy to maintain. At each connecting band (every ten feet), there is a removable grate connector which allows the pipeline to be flushed out.