Duraslot ® Surface Drains
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System Components & Hardware:
Coupler Band - Connects DURASLOT® drain to DURASLOT® drain. A modified N-12® band with angles extended up is used to clamp together the ends of the two slots being joined. A thumbscrew and wingnut fasten the band angles onto the ends of the slots. A Grate Connector is also included. (see above)

Grate Connector - Joins the grate at the ends of the slots, and can be easily removed to allow a hose to flush out the pipeline.

Pipe Adapter - Connects DURASLOT® drain to N-12® pipe. A corrugated pipe coupler that is modified to accept DURASLOT® drain on one end and N-12® pipe on the other. A Grate Anchor is included. (see above)

End Cap - Modified to close the upstream end of DURASLOT® drain. A Grate Anchor is included. (see above)

Grate Anchor - Used at the end of each DURASLOT® run to close off the end of the slot, anchor the end of the grate into the concrete or asphalt surrounding the slot, and keep the grate in tension for added strength.